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I laughed through it and I enjoyed it and I’ve been thrilled with the discussion that it’s caused. I learned stuff. I love all the articles that have been written. I’m thrilled out of my mind about it, to tell you the truth — I couldn’t be more proud of anything. I’m an old feminist from the ’60s and this is a new level of freedom for you women and for all of us that I never dreamed could happen. My daughter’s going to be 22 in November. She’s talked to me about some of this stuff but I didn’t understand the whole consent thing. But it is about consent, and consent is sexy. [Mindy] loves Danny and when she said no he stopped immediately. She caught him in a lie — OK, he’s human, he’s a guy — but they made a rule by the end: If you want to try something new, you’ve got to run it by me. And how beautiful. That’s great for every woman today to see that, because that’s the difference.
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So it is strange that while Laurel is out dealing in a very ‘written’ way, it is Felicity who is left with the burden of emotion. Emily Bett Rickards is just the best thing about the show and she shows it here, stumbling through a range of emotions. She deals with Sara’s death as I imagine we all would; she isn’t a fighter, she’s a tech, she has an incessant need to make sense of things.
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I wanted to write a female character who’s strong enough that a man’s criticizing her weight or looks can sting but not devastate her. Too many women give others too much power over their self-worth. (…) It’s crazy that it’s considered refreshing to see women who like to eat as much as men. We all have that side that would eat an entire pizza if there were no repercussions. (…) I wanted [my character] to be preoccupied with her body like most women are. It’s important to her to lose weight because she has this idea of an ideal body that will help her achieve happiness, but she hates when society tells her she can’t do or have something because she isn’t skinny. (…) Thinking about body image is such a small part of what I use my brain for, and I want other women to follow suit.
Mindy Kaling on Mindy Lahiri’s self image (x)

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